Cohost of “The View,” Sunny Hostin, accuses Donald Trump of “starting a storm” in court and alienating voters with his Hush Money Trial

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According to, Sunny Hostin, a panelist on The View, attacked Donald Trump for “farting up a storm” in court, claiming that his hush money case was turning off voters from the 2024 presidential candidate.

The hosts of the morning talk program talked about how the state of the media may be influencing public opinion as the election draws near on Wednesday’s broadcast.

Hostin voiced dissatisfaction at Trump’s selection by the Republican party as the likely nominee in spite of the fact that he was exposed to “88 criminal charges” and judged “liable for sexual abuse.”

“I’m so shocked that’s all the Republican party had to offer,” she stated.

Following the events of Trump’s criminal trial in New York, the left-leaning TV personality and former prosecutor expressed “some hope” that Americans would be less inclined to vote for him.

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“I do think that people are paying attention to the fact that he’s been fined $9,000 for violating a gag order, that he’s just losing, and he’s farting up a storm in the courtroom, everyone’s writing about that,” Hostin said to her coworkers.

She continued by adding that Trump was “probably just horrified” by the stories, which included claims that he had repeatedly slept off in court.

“He’s sitting there falling asleep, he’s now ‘Sleepy Don,’ there’s no ‘Sleepy Joe’ anymore,” Hostin said. “I think there’s a lot of good stuff happening in the courtroom.”

Joy Behar, her co-host, then made a joke about someone having to “get him some Imodium.”

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According to study, according to Hostin, “two-thirds of registered voters, or 64%, believe that Trump’s hush money charges are serious, and 33% of Americans are much less likely to vote for him because of the criminal case.” They won’t cast ballots for him if he is found guilty.”

“I consider that to be a plus. That’s crucial, in my opinion,” she continued.

After conservative panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin suggested that Trump “very well may be president in seven months” and that the trial may sway voters in his favor, Hostin offered her viewpoint.

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“This is what worries me,” Griffin said. “At first, I believed that he would suffer from being on trial in a courtroom rather than while running for office. I’m beginning to believe that it doesn’t in the same sense since he doesn’t make wild statements publicly.”

Griffin was concerned that the former president may benefit from having to “sit there silently with his hands folded” while he was in court.

The co-host claimed that Americans were not seeing news about “all the horrifying things [Trump] is gonna do in his second term,” but rather “violence and they see protests on college campuses,” as instability at institutions around the nation was dominating the headlines.

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