Divorce War: Actress Tori Spelling’s estranged husband Dean McDermott Wants Joint Child Custody and Spousal Support

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Just a few weeks after she insisted that he provide her assistance, Tori Spelling’s former husband Dean McDermott asked that she pay him a monthly maintenance payment as part of their divorce.

DragonAlohaShirt.com was able to get court records that show the 57-year-old actor replied to the 90210 star’s plea this week.

tori spelling dean mcdermott divorce response custody


Tori demanded spousal support in her petition.

Dean, filing without legal representation, stated that he was married on May 7, 2006, and that he separated on July 7, 2023.

He requested shared physical and legal custody of their five children. He gave the excuse of “irreconcilable differences” for the breakup.

tori spelling dean mcdermott divorce response custody


Dean is demanding spousal support.

Furthermore, he requested that his support be granted and Tori’s be discontinued.

He stated that, with regard to their community property, “[Dean] reserves the right to request leave of court to amend this response and request for dissolution,” adding that “the exact nature and extent” of the property’s assets and obligations are presently unclear.

He insisted that Tori pay his legal costs in the dispute.

As we previously mentioned, in March, Tori filed for divorce. In her application, she provided the same date of separation. She asked for attorney bills to be covered by Dean and for spousal support. The actress requested shared legal custody as well as exclusive physical custody of their kids.

tori spelling dean mcdermott divorce response custody


The couple agreed on the date of separation.

Tori discussed the separation on her new podcast in April.

Her words, “I’ve never felt more alone,” were said. I don’t think I’m worthy of love. That is the actuality. And I didn’t seek or manufacture it; it’s simply something that’s in you. That begins in your early years. [And altering it] is difficult to do; I’m not sure whether you can.”

In the podcast episode, Tori gave Dean a call and told him about the divorce over the voicemail.

“There’s this weird thing that you have to be careful with your ex that I didn’t know about before,” she remarked. Who filed first is a he-said, she-said situation. I had to submit and go through the procedure before I could call and add my ex once it was approved and made public. I just gave Dean a call. I have to inform him that he’s working, and I’m anxious because I dislike conflict.”

tori spelling dean mcdermott divorce response custody


Dean demanded joint custody of their kids.

During her program, Tori talked about the split.

“Honestly, our relationship was never the same after we started having kids,” she stated. “We’ve always declared that we won’t be the parents who make changes. The two of us will make sure that our partnership comes first. We go on dates every night. And everything was thrown out. I kind of moved on from him and gave the kids my whole attention.”

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