Exhausted A Jewish professor at NYU lashes out at demonstrators, saying, “I would never work again if I yelled, “Lynch the Blacks,” or “Burn the Gays.”

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A Jewish professor at NYU attacked the anti-Israel demonstrators, criticizing the “double standard” that permits them to propagate antisemitism but hate speech directed towards other communities would never be accepted.

Professor Scott Galloway of NYU Stern School of Business remarked to MSNBC on Tuesday, “I can tell you, if I went into the NYU square with a white hood on and said, ‘Lynch the blacks,’ or ‘Burn the gays,’ my ID would be shut off by that night.”

He went on, “I would never work in academia again.” “I wouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment or free speech, and the terms ‘context’ or ‘nuance’ would not be necessary.”

His remarks coincide with ongoing anti-Israel demonstrations that are rocking NYU and other universities in the Big Apple as well as the country. On Monday, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel students clashed during lectures, disrupting instruction and ending with the arrest of over 130 NYU students.

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NYU professor Scott Galloway said there’s a double standard when it comes to hate speech.


Galloway blamed a number of factors for this tolerance for antisemitism, including the ease with which anti-Israel propaganda on TikTok may “manipulate” pupils.
“For every person who served in Israel, there are 52 pro-Hamas or pro-Palestine videos on TikTok,” he said.

“I believe that someone is manipulating us. I believe Americans are more easily duped and have been duped themselves.

According to Galloway, university students are mistakenly confusing the civil rights movement with the continuing conflict in Gaza.

He pointed out that a thesis put out by NYU instructors that “the easiest way to identify oppressors is how white and how rich they are” may have caused students to become “digressed.”

“Whether rightly or wrongly, Israel is perceived as the epicenter of white supremacist wealth and identity,” he continued.


Galloway said Americans are being “manipulated” by the content they view on TikTok.

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Since Hamas terrorists started their covert attack on Israel on October 7 and the Jewish state’s ongoing military response, college campuses have become hotbeds of antisemitic rallies. This week’s protests at NYU have mimicked a wave of protests around the city and country.

Videos from this week’s protests show protesters walking toward One Police Plaza with flares held over their heads, while others waved flags, pounded drums, and screamed “Gaza.”


Galloway spoke about how he feels student protesters have incorrectly conflated the civil rights movement with the war in Gaza.


Additional footage reveals riot-suited NYPD cops keeping an eye on demonstrators who are shouting, “We will free Palestine, within our lifetime.” Protesters are calling for the institution to sever its ties to Tel Aviv University and withdraw from companies that make weapons.

The NYPD announced on Tuesday that when the NYU camp was dismantled by late Monday, 133 demonstrators had been taken into custody, some of whom had also been involved in the march.

At Columbia University, where courses were shifted online on Monday due to concerns about student safety on the Manhattan campus, more than 100 people have also been detained.

As antisemitism on campus escalates, a well-known rabbi at the Ivy League institution advised Columbia and Barnard students to remain home. However, university administrators informed them that they may attend classes online.

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