Friends of Justin Bieber Fear That He Is Falling Apart Once More After Coachella’s Irrational Behavior

Justin Biebers Friends Are ‘Worried Hes Spiraling Again 01

He certainly took the audience by surprise. On April 14, during Tems’ Coachella performance in Indio, California, Justin Bieber joined her for a song while she was dressed in baggy cargo trousers, a hoodie that engulfed his slender body, and a baseball cap pulled down low.

Witnesses describe the artist as seeming as though he simply left the crowd. The singer hasn’t performed much since postponing his Justice tour in June 2022 due to partial facial paralysis induced by a viral illness. “It’s encouraging that he felt confident enough to perform live, and many fans are hoping this means he’ll be returning to music soon.”

They might have to wait a while, though, given his unpredictable conduct off stage. The singer, who has a history of substance addiction and violent outbursts, “seemed checked-out all weekend,” according to a source, even though it has been precisely a year since Justin recovered movement in his face. “Friends are concerned that he may be spiraling again, even though he has finally regained his health.”
The last few years have been quite the experience.

The insider said, “He has severe ups and downs.”

In addition to battling Lyme disease, depression, and anger control, 30-year-old Justin has acknowledged using alcohol, marijuana, and “pretty heavy drugs” on a regular basis when he was at his lowest.

Regarding his first year of marriage to 27-year-old wife Hailey Bieber, he stated, “I hit a little bit of an emotional breakdown because I thought marriage was going to fix all my problems, and it didn’t.” However, the source claims that his Christian faith and his wife’s constant support ultimately “saved his life.” “Without her, he wouldn’t be here.”

Justin Bieber’s Friends Are ‘Worried He’s Spiraling Again’

The model said that navigating Justin’s problems with sobriety was “extremely difficult.” Justin’s father, Stephen Baldwin, is a recovered addict. There have been moments when I’ve felt anxious and asked Justin, ‘Are you okay to do this? Because you did go through a difficult and dark period in your life at one point.

“There’s only so much Hailey can do to keep Justin from going off the rails again,” the source adds, pointing out that her dad posted a request for fans to say “a little prayer” for the couple in February and that Justin hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring recently. Therapy and counseling with their pastor have helped. Although things between them aren’t great at the moment, she’s always worried about what might happen to him if she weren’t there. She is unable to abandon him.

Furthermore, she hasn’t given up on him. According to the insider, Hailey prioritizes maintaining his health and their marriage. “Justin’s performance at Coachella was incredible, and the world is supporting him.” Still, he is quite brittle.

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