NBA player Jalen Green and girlfriend Draya Michele welcomed a baby girl in February as they prepared for a second child

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Just a few months before he is expected to have another kid with his current girlfriend Draya Michele, NBA player Jalen Green had a baby girl earlier this year, according to information obtained by

According to TMZ, Myah Iakopo, a 23-year-old student in California, gave birth to Peace Moira on February 12; the child’s father is the 22-year-old Houston Rockets player.

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The 22-year-old Houston Rockets player is the father of Peace Moira, a child born on February 12 to 23-year-old California student Myah Iakopo.

Although they were acquaintances for some time, Green and Iakopo were never seriously involved, according to sources who spoke with the site. According to reports, Green has pledged to be actively involved in the child’s upbringing and is providing financial assistance.

Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any drama or animosity between Green’s pregnant girlfriend and the new mother; the two are supposedly aware of one another but haven’t talked.



The VH1 alum announced that she was expecting her first child with Green on International Women’s Day in March.

Since August 2023, Green has been romantically linked to influencer and Basketball Wives star Draya Michele, who is 17 years his senior at 39.

On International Women’s Day in March, the VH1 star revealed that she was expecting her first child with Green. Their child is expected later this month.

“Little girl, we are ecstatic to express our love for you. Draya revealed she is in her third trimester in the caption of her Instagram photo, saying, “I’m excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have.”

“We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time — this world can be tough,” she said in a letter. “But know you are being brought into a space of love, security, and adornment.”



Their baby is due later this month.

Draya is already the mother of two sons: Jru, 7, and Kniko, 21, who she shares with former NFL player Orlando Scandrick.

She was engaged to Scandrick until the couple called off their 2019 wedding. She appeared on Basketball Wives LA from 2011 to 2015.

In addition, she has dated a number of other celebrities, including as Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and former basketball star Gilbert Arenas.

“Women travel through a lot, which frequently makes us ask, ‘What is my purpose?’ In her post on International Women’s Day, she said, “Motherhood and the incredible power to bring life into this world over the course of two decades is, for me, the magic.”

“It’s my superpower,” she said further. “And if anything can surpass the wonder of being a woman, it’s the privilege of bringing another woman into existence.”

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