Watch GloRilla Deny Being Drunk to Police in “Do You Know Who I Am?” as Officers Say They Smelled Alcohol Before Arresting Her for DUI

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In recently released bodycam footage acquired by, rapper GloRilla maintained her composure when an officer pulled her over on Tuesday in Gwinnett County, Georgia. GloRilla denied being drunk.

When the police inquired about GloRilla’s (real name: Gloria Woods) amount of alcohol consumed that day, the No More Love hitmaker said, “I’m cool.” Reiterating her query on the rapper’s drink count, the officer said that was not what she had asked.

According to police, GloRilla was observed operating a black Mercedes-Benz that had done a U-turn at a red signal.

The officer stated, “Not only can I smell alcohol coming from your breath, but I can also smell marijuana coming from this car,” adding that her car will be searched next.

GloRilla admitted to the police that she was in possession of some marijuana, although it was a tiny amount, and that she had a pistol registered in her name in the car.

“Do you know who I am?” GloRilla then said in the video. According to the police, she didn’t.

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GloRilla informed the officer that she had a gun registered to her name in the car, also admitting she had marijuana in her possession but only in a small amount.


GloRilla believed the cop was “picking” on her already, so she hid her well-known name as they conversed. Before getting out of the car to do the field sobriety test, she gave the officer her word that she was not intoxicated and that she was good to drive.

GloRilla chose to take off her jewelry prior to the arrest, refused to take the breathalyzer, and was eventually handcuffed.

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She was booked into the jail at 6:12 AM and released on a $2k bond at 9:41 AM the same day.

As the arresting officer was speaking with Woods outside her car, the report stated that her “right breast slipped out from underneath her clothing.” When the officer told the musician that she was “unable to realize that her breast was visible,” she had to “pull her jacket over to cover her chest.”

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GloRilla insisted she was good to drive after being pulled over.


According to booking documents from Gwinnett County Jail, the chart-topping musician was charged on Tuesday with driving under the influence for the first time, having an open container of alcohol, and disobeying a traffic control device.

When she was placed under arrest, an acquaintance arrived to get her Mercedes, according to the police.

At 6:12 AM, she was checked into the jail, and at 9:41 AM, she was released on a $2k bail.

GloRilla has not yet responded to reports of her apprehension.

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